Event Conceptualization

Events are a great way to introduce customers to your products and make them familiar with your location. Clients who elect event conceptualization and planning have the desire to offer culinary services to their customers for certain occasions but lack the financial resources to have a full-time culinary program on site. In order for the event to be successful, we start preparing at least six months in advance of the planned event date.

PartyPurple NightLife

PartyPurple Night Life is known for its high-octane nightlife parties. Whatever your night-owl needs are, there’s an area that caters to your style, beverage choice, music taste and desired atmosphere. There is the glitz and glam which makes entire scene so awesome.

The Comic's Room

For the LOVE of comedy. The Comic’s Room by PartyPurple is a platform for all the leading & upcoming talent to perform LIVE. We focus more on the overall experience of this show. This providing platform for our sponsors to engage their Target Audience through this medium. The vision is to create happiness & Laughter.



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