Design and Technology

Your stage is more than a platform, it’s an event feature. A stage is a playground with so much potential. Our technical teams, graphic designers, stylists and set designers work with you across concept, design and delivery. We’ll transport your message using the latest audio visual, design and styling solutions to make the setting of your event truly stand out. Designing is the most essential part. Stage set design can be the difference between a good event and a great one. We create unforgettable event experiences by designing a stage that moves beyond the presentation, speaker or performance – and becomes a feature in itself.  The look and feel of the event matters the most. We provide Set Design, Digital Banner and Wide Screen, Event Backdrop and 3D design for our client



Event Technology

The world is changing faster than ever before. Now a days Technology plays a very vital role in any kind of event. Be it 3D Mapping, Watchout Technology, Webcasting, Audience polling, Event App, Biometric data technology, Fashion technology, 3D scanning and printing, Virtual reality, Video and Live Streaming or Social Media Technology. We keep us up to date with the latest in trend and offer a comprehensive solution.

Set Design for Expo and Trade Show

Stage design, set design, or wedding stage design for Product Launch or at an Expo / Trade Show. We give you the best options and design so that your product stand out of your competitors.

Updating with the latest

We strive continuously to get what is new in terms or both design and technology. If our research comes across any new design or technology in the field of events and if it adds value to our clients investment we ensure that it is incorporated and executed with great ease.



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